GTS Cooperation Plan

GTS Luxury Plan is a highly flexible solution launched targeting at traders, hedging funds and other financial institutions. The GTS Luxury Plan adopts cutting-edge technology to provide a risk control solution to ensure all clients’ orders are implemented smoothly.

  • Adequate Liquidity

  • Unmatched Trading Condition

  • Low Spread from 0

  • Cutting-edge Technology

Promotion Instruments

Animations, GIFs and Static Banners

Provide over 25 languages and 11 picture sizes

The agency backstage will update animation effects incessantly. The GIFs and static banners include 25 languages and 11 sizes. All banner links are entrusted on our servers to save your entrusting fees. You only need to copy the url address code of the banner and it will immediately appear in your desirable position. In addition, all banners will be inlaid in the agency links of your agency.

Self-defined Tracking Link

The link will directly track your desirable GTS webpage.

You are permitted to designate any desirable GTS webpage as your banner tracking link.

To increase the validity of your individualized advertisement activity, you can send the traffic to relevant web pages of GTS website through positioned advertisements.

We are devoted to providing you with simple procedure to maximize your execution power.

Current Websites and Logging Webpage

After buying a domain and uploading HTML, you will be well-prepared.

Do you want to increase the clicks of your personal website?

GTS can be of some help! You need to contact your account manager and apply for a webpage inlaid with your agency HTML. Just upload your HTML onto your website.

As long as you need help, our team will be greatly glad to serve you any time!

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