Luxury Gift Giving

Luxury Gift Giving

GTS Luxury Gift Giving

No.1 Fast&Furious——GTS Goes Along With You:

(the trading cycle is 180 natural days, golden after gift)

1. Amount ≥ $100w Giving A masarati SUV (Number 58888)

2. $100w >Amount≥ $50w Giving A Alfa romeo(Number 28888)

3. $50w >Amount≥ $30w Giving A MINIcooper or BMW/Mercedes/audi(Number 18888)

No.2 Modern Times——GTS With You:

(the trading cycle is 60 natural days, the quantity arrived and giving.)

1. $30w >Amount≥ $10w Giving A Rolex (Number 5888)

2. $10w >Amount≥ $5w Giving luxury men and women pack one(Number 1688)

3. $5w >Amount≥ $2w Giving A iPhoneX 256G (Number 588)

4. $2w >Amount≥ $1w Giving A Iwatch or Pad (Number 218)

5. $1w >Amount≥ $5k Giving GTS luxury gift bag.Contains data line, charging treasure, umbrella, etc (Number 88)

Terms and conditions of application:

1. Internal and external hedging is prohibited

2. Don't stack with other activities

3. During the activity, the client will withdraw funds or transfer funds to the account of the same name. The number of hands will be zero and the activity will end

4. Any form of illegal arbitrage is prohibited,Once found backstage has the right to cancel the illegal profit

5. After completion of the standard manual, You can submit your application for gold

6. The number demanded—— Activity one:The number of trades completed within 180 natural days;Activity two:The number of trades completed within 60 natural days

7. The clients who participate in the activity need to sign the relevant activity agreement with our company. We need to sign the relevant agreement with the customer, so as to guarantee the interests of both parties.

8. GTS will have the final right to interpret the activity

Note: If you violate the above rules,Any of the above-mentioned violation disqualifies the client of profits.

GTS foreign exchange trading platform enjoys the right of final interpretation to the activity.

Risk warning: The financial products of all margin trading are highly-risky and may not be suitable to all investors. Your loss may exceed your preliminary investment. Please make sure you understand all relevant risks. If necessary, you are required to consult professional opinions.


This activity should not be enjoyed along with other preferential activities.

Luxury gift giving application

Note: In case of inconsistency between the information filled out on the form and your actual information, your application will be considered as invalid.